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He began his formal tap dance training with mentor and inventor of the "Zapped Taps" technology featured in the movie Tap,

Alfred Desio at the Colburn School of Performing Arts at the age of 6. In addition to his technical trainning, he was blessed with life lessons from

Fayard Nicholas of the famed Nicholas Brothers, Jimmy Slyde,

Lenard Reed  and several shared

moments with the great

Gregory Hines. Channing worked with Mr. Hines on his CBS television sitcom The Gregory Hines Show, several live guest spot performances,

a    feature     in   A  Showtime Original: 

Bojangles and even

a personal recommendation from Mr. Hines for a 

feature role in Martin

Scorsesse’s Gangs of New York.


 This DVD is a concentration of exercises. Counting over phrases, developing eveness with both feet and machanics using hands. Working through this video will help you develop as a musician and dancer.
Enjoy! Lets Get It Vol. 1 
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Got Rhythm!

A Walk Through Tap History

Go on the journey with the Talented Channing Cook Holmes and versatile cast of Musicians and Briliant Dancers through this showcase of Tap History, new Inventions and great interaction with the Audeince.

Available for Bookings

contact at:

Respectively, Channing has added directing and producing to his repertoire  with  the  production  of  his  still currently running  children’s show  Got  Rhythm!: A Walk Through Tap History (deemed   highest   booked  show  by  the Los Angeles Music Center and the Orange County Performing Arts Center). This interactive production features an intimate cast of talented musicians and tap dancers engaging young audiences in rhythm making, music, history, new inventions and impressions; all rooted in the American art form of tap dancing, with an full evening version on the way.

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